Hello! Updates & News from Nora

It's a new chapter! Thank you for being along for the ride.

Hello! Updates & News from Nora
Nora in London - Image by Erik Poppen

Happy 2024!

If you are receiving this email it means you are a friend, family member, random acquaintance, or you once bought a zine or print from my website - no matter which category you fit into you have supported me in some way over the years and I’m so grateful. I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe from this mailing list! But read a little further and then decide ;)

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last few years publishing Pamplemousse Magazine. In June 2023 I relaunched the whole project with a new look and vision and the momentum has been growing ever since. The magazine is a quarterly print publication that highlights the work of up-and-coming and established film photographers, and serves to educate and inspire readers through photo features, essays, interviews & more. If you are already a subscriber, thank you!!

Since October 2023 I have been dedicating all of my time and energy to this project and my goal is to get it off the ground in a real way. In a way that allows me to be a working artist, editor, curator and continue to connect people and support my community. I have no idea where this adventure will take me, but I’m excited and motivated to try!

What is on the horizon?

One goal of mine is to connect more directly with my audience and create compelling digital content that is an extension of the print magazine. That’s where this newsletter comes in. In addition to general news and updates, I plan to send out emails that feature compelling photography on a moderately frequent basis (weekly or every few weeks), to hopefully add some creative inspiration & discovery to your day to day. I promise I won’t spam you!

Some examples of what to expect:

  • Featured film photography essays by fresh voices
  • Photographers to Watch
  • Interviews with photographers and members of the film photo community
  • Events & art openings in the Bay Area
  • Photography submission opportunities
  • Information on photo walks & community meet ups

& more!

I’m excited to dive in and I hope you continue to be along for the ride.

Upcoming Event!

If you are around this Friday, January 12th I’m hosting a release party for the recently dropped Winter Issue of Pamplemousse Magazine at Photoworks SF

There will be magazines, drinks, cool photo people and a great time.

Hope to see you there!

Moving Forward

One great feature of this platform is that readers have the option to securely pledge support for just $5/month. Paid readers will receive extra exclusive content, discount codes for print publications & merch, and more! I’m planning some exciting stuff and this is just the beginning :)

Your support will help Pamplemousse Magazine continue to grow, directly help cover some of the production cost of the print magazine, and help us reach our goal of building a successful project with art & community at its core.

It’s not easy to get a print magazine off the ground so I appreciate any and all help!

Thank you thank you thank you for reading and following along as I find my way…

Please share this newsletter with your photo friends and peers and don’t forget to follow me & the magazine on Instagram :)

and please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns: nora@noralalle.com