A letter from the Editor...

A letter from the Editor...

plus! important reminders & images to inspire you

It was just about a year ago that I woke up at 4am two days in a row to attend a virtual magazine making masterclass hosted by UK based magCulture. Challenging time difference aside, it was an amazing experience that changed everything for me (this is not sponsored in any way - they are just great). Hearing the panel of guest speakers talk about their journey with indie publishing lit a fire in me and validated what I already knew: print magazines are here to stay. Magazine publishing may look a little different in 2024, but it's still a vibrant industry with so many innovative projects gracing shelves all over the world.

That workshop was the catalyst for me to put ideas, time, energy and money into elevated design, expand my team, reach out to artists I admire about features, and define a clear path forward making Pamplemousse a priority in my life.

I went to London in October and had a very casual but productive meeting with a UK based magazine distributor. We met on a rooftop on one of the only sunny days of the whole trip. He said the project had potential and agreed to take us on. I walked away feeling great but also with so many questions. Were they really going to take care of all of the logistics? Would stores really want to stock us? A few months later I had a list of more than a dozen stores confirmed to stock Pamplemousse. And the list is still growing!

I find myself in awe of the momentum we've gained. Every day I'm celebrating each new subscriber and sale, pretending like I know how to be a social media manager, and pursuing collaborations I never dreamed would be possible. There are plenty of days when I feel lost, scared, tired, overwhelmed, confused, but I'm doing everything I can to push through and believe in this project. I'm sure my friends are tired of hearing me talk about the magazine constantly (maybe not), but it's pretty surreal to see this creative dream and passion begin to take off. I'm really lucky that this is my job.

So many people have believed in this magazine from the beginning. My family, close friends, team, former co-workers, the entire SF photo community, random people on the internet, and of course myself. There are still so many unknowns and it's not always easy, but I'm pretty sure you'll soon be seeing Pamplemousse on the shelf in bookstores, cafes, boutiques, concept stores, camera shops, photo labs, and museum gift stores all over the world.

It will definitely not unfold how I expect (nothing ever does!), but I'm so grateful I get to put everything I have into this magazine and see what happens.

Pamplemousse was built from casual conversations, connections, and friendships that I formed with amazing creative people with a passion for film photography. It will always be for community by community - celebrating voices who innovate, tell unique stories, and value creativity. I promise to hold on tight to these values and never to take it too seriously ;)


Malcolm Squire is an artist born and raised in Ames, Iowa and currently based in Oakland, CA. He shoots 35mm & 120 film and was a featured photographer in Pamplemousse Magazine Issue #6 - THE ALTERNATIVE ISSUE published in September 2023. His images explore themes of nature, intimate friendship, nudity and materiality. This series highlights his knack for capturing the beauty in everyday moments and the spaces that become part of us.

View more of Malcolm's work on his website!

Malcolm Squire

A note on submissions

Many of you find yourself on this mailing list because you recently submitted to the Pamplemousse open call for submissions. Thank you and welcome! I wanted to pull back the curtain a little on the image selection process in the hope that even if your photo was rejected this time, you will submit again (and not lose faith in your art!)

Rejected. Such a harsh word and hard pill to swallow. The reality is, art is subjective. Even with the theme and submission guidelines, I never really know what I'm looking for until I see it. It's a gut reaction thing. I try to follow my curatorial instincts and see how it comes together. One time I received barely 30 submissions. Last time it was around 100, this time 231! I personally look through each one and take my time sitting with the image. Then, the rest of my editorial team helps me narrow it down, we usually bicker and change our minds a few times, and finally choose just 10 photos.

We're always looking for strong compositions, well executed images that are clearly shot on film (that can mean grainy! light leaks! weird flash! - we're not usually looking for perfect, clean photos), and images that fit well with the issue theme and submission guidelines. If your image is not chosen, it does not mean it is not a good photo. It does not mean you aren't talented, interesting or worthy of a feature. It just means it wasn't the right fit. I've been rejected from submission call outs and I know it sucks. But I encourage you to keep making art and putting yourself out there. It gets easier, and the process will help push you to hone your craft.


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Thank you for reading this long newsletter! I will continue to use it to expand on ideas and share more about my journey to becoming a print media mogul ;)

Have a great weekend!